Ohio is a perfect state to grow almost any garden vegetable, flower or plant that likes moisture and sun. Herb gardens have grown in popularity lately because they are easy to grow and provide a great return. In addition to the many things you can do with herbs, these plants have the perfect relationship with Ohio’s insects-attracting the ones you want and repelling those that you don’t. Whether you are an avid gardener or have just enough space for a few potted plants, these 3 herbs should be at the top of your list!


This easy to grow herb is pretty in your garden or yard and smells amazing. There are also many uses for lavender, making it a great, low maintenance plant that gives back in a big way!

If you’ve ever been around when lavender is blooming, you know how well it attracts bees. Bees are great for your garden as they help pollinate other plants and flowers. Lavender also attracts butterflies, hoverflies, and other beneficial insects.It keeps mosquitoes, flies, and moths away, and is a common ingredient in natural and homemade bug sprays.  It even repels fleas and ticks, making it great to have around your pets.

Not all lavender is, well, lavender in color. Varieties of this fragrant herb come in shades of purple and blue ranging from light to dark, as well as white, red, pink, and even yellow-green. Group several plants of one color together for a strong visual impact. 'Richard Gray' is a hybrid lavender with blue-violet flowers and silvery, woolly foliage, while 'Nana Alba' is a dwarf English cultivar with very fragrant white flowers. It grows compactly and will bloom again.

Lavender can also be dried quickly and added to many foods, drinks, bath and body products, and more. It is truly one of the most versatile herbs!


I love rosemary because it is easy to grow in Ohio, it smells amazing and there are so many practical uses for it here in the summer. Not only is rosemary a good herb to add to meals, rosemary is a natural antiseptic and can be used for cleaning, as well as for your own health. Stuffy from summer allergies? Boil a couple of dried sprigs of rosemary and then breathe in the steam to help clear congestion.

Rosemary also provides natural insect repelling qualities, especially when it comes to For an all-pure strategy to get mosquitos off the visitor listing at your subsequent outside .... Check out more at the picture: mosquitos. Place rosemary over an open grill or in your outdoor fire pit to keep mosquitos away. You can also make a homemade mosquito repellent by combining these ingredients in a mason jar:

– 1-2 Lemon Wedges
– 1-2 Lime Wedges
– A couple sprigs of Rosemary
– Water (fill remainder of jar with water)
– Active Ingredient: Lemon Eucalyptus oil (7-10 drops)
– Floating Tea Candles


Growing mint will keep your yard and garden buzzing with good, beneficial bugs. Mint is rich in nectar and pollen, and its small flower clusters keep helpful bugs such as honeybees and hoverflies coming around.

Mint is a fantastic container or garden herb, and so versatile. Mint needs regular water and picking, but the return is worth it! You can use mint for everything from tea to mojitos, to mint and coriander chutney, to a diy sunburn remedy. Try fresh mint on your ice cream for a deliciously refreshing summer treat.


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