Professional Imagery

Quality Photos Will Help Sell Your Home Faster

Why Use a Professional Photographer?

Nearly 90 percent of home buyers search the Internet for their next home. With all the competition on the market, what makes your home stand out above the rest? Homeowners who use a professional photographer to showcase their property usually sell faster and for more money.

We recognize the value of this, and we use one of the best imaging providers in the city to showcase your home and produce spectacular photos that will wow potential buyers.

So what do you need to know if you are selling your home and thinking about hiring a professional photographer? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our clients.

R.Middendorf Media, LLC, has been in business for more than 10 years doing real estate photography throughout Central Ohio. Owner Rodney Middendorf has 10 years of major market experience at NBC4, WSYX6 and the Columbus Dispatch. He’s been producing media content since 1998. Rodney recognizes ultimately he’s there to help sell your house, and does so very systematically and creatively to make sure images of your property are always of the highest quality.

What should I expect from a professional photographer while at my property?

After meeting you, the professional photographer will walk through the home room by room. Even if you had a professional stager work with you, the photographer may change the layout of a room to provide better energy and photos. If you haven’t worked with a stager, a photographer will make suggestions tailored to your home, such as areas that should be decluttered or items that can be used to frame a photo. Photographers also strive to shoot in all natural lighting, and will spend anywhere from half an hour to three hours on your property, depending on its size.

Does the homeowner need to be there?

If the house is already staged, the homeowner does not need to be on the property during the shoot. If the house needs some decluttering and staging, the homeowner should be on hand to help with that process. It’s also beneficial for the photographer to consult with the homeowner to learn about particular pieces in the home, such as a chandelier, the photographer can engage in photos. A good photographer will know what to do, but it never hurts to be involved with showcasing the best of what your home has to offer.

Is there one room that is more important than another to have properly staged before the photographer arrives?

Kitchens are the most important room from a staging standpoint because they can make or break a sale. Attractive kitchen appliances, such as coffee pots, Keurigs and mixers, can stay on counters. While it’s important to declutter, other items such as candles and baskets that fit the decor of the kitchen may be used for staging. If possible, all tables should have centerpieces and items like non-decorative soap dispensers should be put away.

What can I do to prepare for the photographer?

Declutter your house as much as possible. Make sure toys are off the floor, and all rooms are clean and organized. All pet items should be put away and out of view, and all lightbulbs should function. In the same room, make sure the lamps match and are the same color, and ensure all curtains and blinds are open. For wooden blinds and most miniblinds, that means down and horizontal. Curtains and sheers should be pulled back unless the open windows reveal something unattractive outside.

In bedrooms, make sure all beds are made the laundry is put away. Bathrooms should be cleared of personal items including toothbrushes, open containers of cotton balls, lotion containers and perfumes that aren’t aesthetically pleasing. If the shower is expected to be photographed, clear all personal items out of here as well, including shower organizers. Glass shower doors should not have visible water spots.

Decks and outdoor areas should be staged if furniture is available. Open deck umbrellas or remove them completely, and uncover grills. Fire pits should be staged as well with chairs if possible. If you have seasonal decorations up, remove them temporarily. We hope your property isn’t listed for long, but we don’t want pictures to be dated either.

Can my agent list my property and add photos later?

A listing should not go live without photography. When your home is first featured in the MLS, the listing service used by real estate agents, two pools of potential buyers are reached – those who have been looking for a while and those who are new to the market. Within two weeks of your listing going live, you’ll reach the pool of people who have been looking for the perfect property for some time. However, you’re less likely to get them to check out your home if they’ve already clicked on your property once. You always want make your best first impression.

What else should I know about inviting a professional photographer into my home?

Professional photographers typically do not shoot garages unless they have assets such as wonderful built-in storage, a wet bar or giant work bench. If your property has a basement and it’s clean and tidy, a photographer likely will shoot it. However, it’s not at the top of the priority list unless it’s finished. However, if the basement features new appliances like a hot water heater, the photographer likely will want to capture that. It’s also important to note photographers will not misrepresent your home. As a professional, it’s their job to represent the property realistically, but make it as attractive as possible.

Will small imperfections show up in photos?

Typically no, small imperfections in floors or paint, for example, will not show up in photos.

Can I get a copy of the photos?

Yes, Lori or an agent on her team will be happy to provide you with a copy of the photos used to sell your house.