Staging Your Home

Learn how to sell your home faster

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In today’s market, staging your home is critical to achieve the greatest possible outcome of selling your home. Professionally staged homes have a higher perceived value by buyers than unstaged homes, leading to higher offers.

The Power of Home Staging

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Lori Murphy

Lori Murphy

HSR Certified Professional Home Stager and Redesigner

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Q: Do I need a home staged if mine is already decorated?

A: Yes, unlike decorating, staging does not personalize a space – in fact it does just the opposite; staging depersonalizes. Staging makes a home feel updated, warm and inviting while at the same time making the home appeal to the broadest range of buyers no matter what age or gender.

Q: Is staging a home expensive?

A: Staging is an investment that when done correctly will help your home sell faster – eliminating months of carrying costs and bringing top dollar for your home. When you consider the first price reduction (and possible subsequent reductions) compared to the cost of staging – you can’t afford not to stage. Statistics show that staged homes sell 60% faster and for more money. When staging an occupied home, a professional stager may be able to use what you already have, making staging even more cost effective.

Q: What should I look for in a professional stager?

A: We work with many professionals who will give you a competitive advantage in today’s market. When choosing one, don’t be afraid to interview them and review the contract, rates and fees. Also, check the stager’s portfolio for ideas, and ask for references or testimonials.